Two quick organizing projects to do today.


 Here are two quick organizing projects to do today.

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Did you know that old flour and pancake mix can be deadly? 

  1. Take a 1/2 hour and pull out all your food and spices.
  2. Put on your glasses or get a magnifying glass and check the expiration dates. 
  3. Empty the contents of the expired products and of course recycle their containers.  
  4. Make sure you have a sharpy on hand as well as a note pad.  The sharpy – so you can note on top of each item it’s current  expiration date. (This will save you time next time your purge).  The note pad -because you will need to go shopping to replace what you threw out, especially the spices. 
  5. Wipe down the inside of the cabinet and replace your items.  Keep dry products, cereals, cans goods & spices together in groups.   

You will be shocked when you see how much you have tossed out.  This should serve as a lesson to avoid the 10 for $10 sales.  You think you are stocking up, but buy the time you get to the 10th item, it has spoiled.

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Next stop, your medicine cabinet.  Conduct the same task, and again note on each item when it will expire.  You may need to replace that NyQuil, so pull out that shopping list and add to it the essentials.  This way  you will be prepared when the next storm hits.

Please note:  older prescriptions you no longer need MUST be brought back to the pharmacy. Don’t throw them down the sink or in the trash-BE GREEN.





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