Pour the beers and let the fun begin. A day in the life of MadCat: move that pool table.

Have you ever wondered how you move a pool table? Here is a play by play of my most recent move.

Call in Paul Silipigni (best of the best). 401- 241- 0036.

IMG_1705 IMG_1850

                                                                                                      Leave the work to the professionals.


IMG_1851 IMG_1852

 Take off the side rails.


Gently pull back the felt to expose the slate. 

IMG_1856 IMG_1857

The slate can weigh over 100 lbs and is very fragile. It usually comes in 3 sections.

IMG_1859 IMG_1860

The frame is next to go.


Then the legs.


Then out the bulkhead to it’s new home.