“It is when it is supposed to be”



‘’It’s never too late….it’s not too early…..It is when it’s supposed to be’’

This is my favorite quote from the book “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom.


It has been 5 years since I began Simply Organized by MadCat’s and I want to take this time to thank everyone I have helped downsize, organize, or met during a sale from my “For Sale” gallery.  There have been some amazing, as well as, death defying moves during the last few years and I could write a best seller about the experiences I have had on Craigslist. 

Who could forget the armoir being hoisted out of a Beacon Hill home, as the police were giving us all parking tickets below (REALLY?). 

IMG_1707 - CopyIMG_0024


Or the guy who custom built a crate on top of his car to sail home a collector’s ship model from Norwell. 


And of course that six flights of stairs, no elevator, to move the 400lb safe.

IMG_1700 IMG_0026


The stories are endless and the memories will stay with me forever.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I am saying farewell to my “For Sale” page on my website. I know there are loyal MadCatter’s who love to get the newsletter, grab their coffee (or for a few their wine) and window shop my gallery to see what’s new and exciting.  I thank you for your support and appreciate your generous feedback throughout the last few years. With your help I have grown the business to where I have invisioned it could be, and now must give 100% of my time and effort to what I love to do: helping people simplify their lives. 

The “For Sale” page will now be called the “Gallery” and here you will find before and after photos of projects I am working on.  (click on it below to see the most recent jobs I have just completed).   For those of you who want to keep up with the trials and tribulations of everything a professional organizer encounters, I have started a blog.  Here I will post organizing tips, ideas on how to live your life more simply, before and after photos of projects I am working on, and finally, the good the bad and the ugly of moving clients (including the occasional hoarder) out of their homes and into their new spaces.  I like to call it: A day in the life of MadCat!

I understand that many of you are on the mailing list for the sole purpose of the “For Sale” page and may not be interested in the blog, so I want to assure you that I will not be transferring your private emails to my blog list.  You may click this link to unsubscribe now:  http://www.simplymadcats.com/qmailer_MadCatFans/unsubscribe.php/

For the MadCatter’s who want to hop along for the next part of the ride, leave your emails on my mailing list and please go to my blog page and sign up to receive notifications of when I post a new blog. Then sit back relax and watch the drama unfold.

Thanks to all, it has been my pleasure being a part of your life, even if it was virtually.

                                                                                                                             Keep it simple

                                                                                                                             Kim..aka MadCat


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