Where Home Goods go to die!


Where “Home Goods” go to die, was the quote my client presented me with, the day I stepped into her basement. Her boys were in transition “those teenage years”, and her New Years resolution was to give them more space. We started in the play room, and then headed into the Home Goods grave yard. We made four trips to Big Brother Big Sister, and Pablo the Panda even got a new home. The boys were eager to help and now the entire family has more space to sit back and relax. Sometimes you just need MadCat to come in and kick some butt.

IMG_2889      IMG_2887        IMG_2888


IMG_2918   IMG_2916     IMG_2922


IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2864 (2)

IMG_2924          IMG_2923  IMG_2925

IMG_2901       IMG_2892


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