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50 Things to throw away NOW!

Time to start that spring cleaning. Kim Click below to be connected to: a gallery full of great B4 and After photos!. my website where you will find information on how to simplify and organize your home and life. to find me on Facebook. my blog where you will find […]

Where Home Goods go to die!

Where “Home Goods” go to die, was the quote my client presented me with, the day I stepped into her basement. Her boys were in transition “those teenage years”, and her New Years resolution was to give them more space. We started in the play room, and then headed into the Home Goods grave yard. […]

It’s as SIMPLE as 1-2-3!

It’s as Easy as “1-2-3”! When you get up in the morning and pull up your emails,do you have to constantly scroll down to find where the important mail is? Stop this madness by taking 2 minutes at the beginning of every day by SIMPLY “unsubscribing” at the bottom of your junk emails. We all […]

Spring cleaning tip for all your techie items!

    It’s spring cleaning time and what better way to start than to sweep your home of outdated phones, chargers, camera’s, cords and tv’s!     Get a box, go room to room (don’t forget those junk drawers where you stuff things) and fill it up with anything you don’t use anymore….or have no […]

My eyes adore you. Organize those photos into books for all to enjoy.

Organize my pictures-please! If you a high techie you can do this with your photos in your computer. The good thing is you won’t have the mess on your floor and you can upload them to snapfish, or vistaprint and they will make the albums for you…..lucky dog! Okay for my dinosaurs, don’t take this […]

More than that great cup of coffee!

Who knew!  And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for $1.00, even the large ones.  1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers.  2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome…  Coffee filters are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling. 3.  Protect China by separating your good dishes with a […]

Love your leftovers

Wrapping food: foil vs. plastic. It’s a question much older than your leftovers (one hopes).  Choose foil if you’re refrigerating something smelly, since its strong barrier will keep odors in. Use also when freezing food.   Choose plastic for acidic foods and other fresh foods like sandwiches and cut produce. To keep food such as […]

Pour the beers and let the fun begin. A day in the life of MadCat: move that pool table.

Have you ever wondered how you move a pool table? Here is a play by play of my most recent move. Call in Paul Silipigni (best of the best). 401- 241- 0036.                                                                                                       Leave the work to the professionals.    Take off the side rails.   Gently pull back the felt to expose the slate.  The […]

Two quick organizing projects to do today.

   Here are two quick organizing projects to do today. Did you know that old flour and pancake mix can be deadly?  Take a 1/2 hour and pull out all your food and spices. Put on your glasses or get a magnifying glass and check the expiration dates.  Empty the contents of the expired products […]

New beginnings!

  My New Years resolution was to make my email blasts more exciting.  Thanks to my fantastic business coach  Dwight  Porter (, my new format will include photos as well as the occasional video.  If your email provider is Hotmail you may experience a small glitch when reading the newsletter. In the body the text […]