Day One -Happy New year. It’s time to learn how to manage your mail.


Did you know that “getting organized” is number three on the top 5 New Years resolution list? The easiest place to start getting your home organized is your mail. Take 5 minutes each day to sort and purge the incoming mail. Immediately recycle all those flyers and junk mail (lets be honest you never go through them anyways). Shred all the bank offers who promise you an easier life if you take out their loan or credit cards. Finally put all your bills and other paper work into a basket or large envelope. Once a week schedule a 1/2 hour of “YOU” time to pay your bills and take care of your “to do” list. When I am cleaning up and organizing my clients homes, I suggest Sunday nights…..when 60 minute is on to pull out the envelope full of paperwork and sort through what needs to be paid, what needs to be filed, and what can be discarded. 60 Minutes is on the same time each week, and by the end of the weekend your head is clear and you can sit down and start your week off right. Monday morning you can then go to the bank and post office, and begin the whole process again. If you start now, by March you will catch up with all that paper clutter and be on your way to your new organized life.

Wishing you all a year full of “Simple Pleasures” and remember “the best things in life……..aren’t things”!

Keep it Simple,

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