Live from Boston it’s MadCat’s

LIVE from Boston……it’s MadCat’s.

After months of simplifying, my website is launched! (Thanks to the world renown Dwight Porter-see him on my facebook page, and Jackrabbit Design).

I also have a new Facebook page, where you can check in frequently to see weekly helpful tips on organizing, as well as taking a peak at my before and after photos of jobs I am working on. If you have a Facebook account, you can be notified via Facebook of my new postings (if you “like” my page). You can’t reply back to me via my Facebook page, so if you need to chat, or have a question, just send me a quick email at and I will get back to you.

If your New Years resolution was to organize, it’s time to make the call…to MadCat!

Thanks to my family, friends, clients, sellers, buyers and MOST importantly Dwight Porter ( ), for believing in me and this simple business I have founded.

God Speed to all
Kim Madigan, aka MadCat

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