What Other's Say

  • A Calming Presence

    The idea of moving after 11 years in our 3,700 square foot home to a smaller, antique was completely overwhelming. I did not know where to begin! Kim was WONDERFUL! She arrived on my doorstep with a big smile and a calming presence but at the same time encouraged me to start packing right away. She gave me "homework" in bite-size chunks which made the process so manageable...everything from what type of tape and what boxes to buy. Her system of organizing by keep, donate, consign was brilliant. She had so many great contacts to share -- organizations that accept donations, consigners, movers, etc. And, she packed right along side me! I could not have survived the move without her!

    Jen A.

  • Forever Grateful!

    MadCat was my angel! She found me overwhelmed and unprepared for a major home downsize. MadCat created order, calm and expediency. One of the most resourceful people I know, she found a place or a solution for everything. She was sensitive, yet focused as she helped me sort through a lifetime of family keepsakes and years of stuff. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all she accomplished during one of the most stressful times in my life! I will be forever grateful to MadCat.

    Karen J-S

  • Worth every Penny!

    I couldn't be more pleased with the assistance Kim provided me in organizing my playroom and basement storage area. Kim was pleasant and very efficient. She provided hands on help in de-cluttering and removing items for donation or consignment. Kim also has great vision for storage solutions and maintaining your space. I actually enjoyed what seemed like an insurmountable task! I highly recommend Kim's services. She's worth every penny and I'll be using her again!


  • An Angel Among Us!

    MadCat you are an angel in disguise. Not only are are you a resource for any service that one would need for organizing, moving etc, you were so kind and understanding of all my needs! Your hugs, TLC, compassion and guidance helped me and my family with the entire process of moving...packing, storing, donating and consigning personal items and furniture that were acquired over 33 years!

    Thank you Kim!! I appreciate all of your help and will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family!!

    Carol O'b

  • Just a spoonful of sugar, helps the moving go down.

    Mad Cat was amazing! She came into our house and quickly helped to prioritize and organize. Madcat was like Mary Poppins- she made the straightening up easy and fun! My girls loved her energy and spirit, and this helped make the transition of moving positive and sweet.

    Stephanie M

  • Madcat is Awesome!

    Madcat is AWESOME! Loved working beside her to get my attic organized and clean. I couldn't have done it without her help! If you have been procrastinating or just overwhelmed with organizing and clearing out your home, just make the appointment with Madcat! Nothing feels as good as a decluttered space!

    Betsy C

  • Kim is compassionate, organized...a lifesaver!

    Kim Madigan is amazing! We are thrilled that we were referred to her and her Mad Cat's business. My sister and I recently sold our mother's home. With limited time to get the home ready to sell, and a daunting task ahead, we knew we needed help. There was an overwhelming amount of work to be done. After going through the house with family, and deciding which valuables each family member would take, we contacted Kim. She was wonderful! She took up the challenge with dedicated effort. She was compassionate, extremely organized, knowledgeable, and incredibly efficient! She helped dispose of unwanted items, donated clothing and other items to worthy originations, and on our behalf, sold certain pieces of furniture through consignment shops. We could not have done this job without Kim! We recommend her to anyone who needs help with organizing a home, moving, or getting a home ready to sell. She is a lifesaver! Thank you, Kim!

    Linda and Helen

  • SOLD! In one day thanks to Madcat!

    Kim, Thank you for assisting my client prepare their home to sell. You are amazing. Not only your outstanding work, but also your thoughtfulness and empathy helped my clients and me immensely. Your organization and staging helped make this home sale a quick and smooth transaction!

    Maeve Hart

  • Kin's work is fast, efficient, and thoughtful, all at the same time.

    Referral: I was referred to Kim by my mom who she helped to unpack their house after they did a major renovation. My husband, 1 year old, and I had moved from our condo, to a storage unit, to a single-family home. I have moved a few times and have a tendency to put things in boxes to go through it later because I don't have time now. As it turns out, I never found time to go through those boxes (as most people don't), and I paid movers (twice!) to move these boxes of complete junk.

    When I brought Kim into my house the first time, I was a little skeptical about paying someone when I could just unpack everything myself, right? WRONG! The way that Kim works is fast, efficient, and thoughtful, all the same time. She is not going to waste your time or money by going through things slowly, however she'll give you a minute to go through something important, tell a story, or make a decision on "keep" or "donate" as it can be emotional to throw things away that you've kept for many years. Now that we're all unpacked, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I now know every item that is in my house and where it is; I haven't been able to say that in years! Not only is everything organized, but Kim develops systems with you to show you how to keep things that way.

    There are 2 things that Kim said that really hit home with me:

    1. When I said I wanted to keep my ribbon bouquet from my bridal shower, Kim explained to me that I can keep it if I want, but to think about whether I want to pass the burden of keeping the bouquet to my kids (God forbid something happened to me). So this bouquet could get passed down over the years putting burden on my children and theirs. Did I want that? Of course not! I think that the pictures of me holding the bouquet will suffice!

    2. Kim says that the reason we need to live light and organize our homes is so that we can enjoy the important things in life ; friends and family. Is there anything more true? I love that I can now come home and hang out with my son & husband, or go for a walk, because I don't have to spend time going through boxes! And I'm learning not to accumulate like I used to, and just throw things away once I'm done with them, and it feels amazing!

    Lastly, if you're unsure if it's worth the investment; I can tell you that you will recoup the cost of working with Kim in less than a year of her leaving your home (maybe in just a few months). I had a tendency to rebuy things when I couldn't find them, or I forgot that I had them in the first place. I don't do that anymore because I know where everything is, and I must have saved myself hundreds of dollars in the past couple months because the only time I buy anything anymore is with a purpose; I know where I'm going to put it/what I'm going to do with it, and that's it! I can't thank Kim enough for what she's done for my family and I would refer her to anyone I know!

    Caroline Cooke

  • A Beacon of Light.

    You were a beacon of light during a particularly difficult time. Our buyers wanted to close quickly and made it worth our while, but I was overwhelmed. Your laser focus resulted in major progress during a time when I couldn't decide which way to turn. Your efficiency, advice, speed, resolve, and positivity (not to mention a much needed hug) got me over the hump and on the road to my new home. Thanks, Kim!:)

    Debbie Carr

  • Madcat To The Rescue!

    This is the second time Kim has come to my rescue! I had a two bedroom condo to empty of a dear friend who moved out of the country due to illness. Kim arrived, kept calm and went about filling bags to donate, trash bags, arranging to have furniture picked up and hauling lots of other items away. I don't how I would have been able to handle this without Kim's calm and knowledge of what to do with everything. And she did it all in three visits!

    Marilyn Danesh

  • Clearing 60 years with humor!

    We had an enormous, complicated task of clearing out our cousin Kathleen's 8 room home after 60+ years. You organized the approach, found a home for all items we wanted to donate, and directed us to some of your great contacts to sell or auction off her more valuable items. You worked very hard yourself to see it through. We appreciated your expertise and good humor. Thanks Kim!!

    Jane and Janet Winchester

  • More time!

    Okay...I want to book MORE time with you...and keep this going!

    I am still in shock, disbelief and awe....
    The amount of purging and organization you were able to accomplish in such a limited amount of time is incredible. Thank you so much! Charlie is your biggest fan! :)

    Kristin Cain

  • Moving 40+ Years

    Kim worked fast and did much of the 'heavy lifting' while helping us to downsize my parents. She was cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic and accomplished an incredible amount of work in each 2-3 hour visit she was at our home. She made me feel like a tortoise by comparison! Thanks, Kim--I don't think we could have moved out 40+ years of belongings from our house were it not for you.

    Linda Smith

  • Miracle Worker!

    Kim, You are a miracle worker. I was working with you but I still can't believe what you accomplished. With your understanding, skill, and energy the impossible happened ~ our garage has returned to a functioning space and 36 years of clutter has vanished in just 3 days! You are focused and what amazed me the most was the system you had in place. While you had me go through and decide - keep or purge - you were zipping next to me and using your expertise to sort and decide: toss, recycle, donate or consign. By the time I turned around, bam! everything was sorted, boxed and gone. Simple. You made it so simple. What was impossible for me to do alone was done. Simply. By Madcat! One of the highlights for Henry was the 3 bins to sort the returns and recycling. Again ~ amazing how you found 3 perfect containers for the perfect spot.

    We can't thank you enough for setting us on our journey of reorganizing, purging and preparing to downsize. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Cathy & Henry

  • Kim has changed my way of thinking!

    In the spring of 2012 I bought a house in South Dartmouth Ma that was about a tenth of the size house I had been living in for 7 years. Time to pare down. I called Kim who had been recommended to me by several friends to come in and help. Help she did...she decluttered my house and my brain in the most cheerful, energetic and diplomatic way ever. Trips to all the donation centers & she collected all the receipts for tax purposes. What was left was carefully packed up. Kim also found a mover with whom she had worked with on many occasions. I think that Kim did more for me than the actual physical work...she has changed my way of thinking about the way I organize and thinking about space.

    Kai B. Armstrong

  • Voila-dinner is made!

    Today was another freezing cold snowy day, so I decided to make a big pot of sauce. What a pleasure it was to be able to just go to my recipe binders that said "sauces" and at one glance was able to compare all of my various recipes. I just look at the labels on each individual binder and VOILA, dinner is made. I am so organized now, and look forward to adding to my collection in the simple way.

    Patty Boswick

  • Highly Recommended, Even if Not Moving.

    Kim Madigan was incredibly helpful to us in planning our recent move. She came over, helped us decide what to keep and what to give up, packed our things for donation, and took them away. She also arranged for us to sell a few items without our having to put them up for sale ourselves. I would highly recommend her services, even if you aren't moving.

    Frinde Maher

  • Helpful, Calm, and Organized.

    When we decided to move after being in our home for 40 years, I began to get totally stressed out wondering how I would ever get rid of all we had accumulated. My friend told me about Kim and how helpful, calm and organized she was. I gave Kim a call and she was able to accommodate us for a consult within a week. After that first meeting, I handed her over the house key (my suggestion not hers) and watched my angst disappear! She was fabulous, and made the transition of moving into our new space, smooth as silk. My only regret is that we didn't start earlier, as I am sure we could have donated a lot more to people who could have used our things. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any organizational job or move. Kim not only helped us move, and sell some of our items, but had unlimited resources that she shared when we hit a wall. If your overwhelmed with the thought of moving....CALL MADCAT...we did, and the move went off without a hitch.

    Marilyn & Andre Danesh

  • Removed the guesswork and overwhelming feeling.

    Kim was someone I met through business and instantly became friends with. I have always admired her gift to organize and how she gives her talents so generously. So when my husband got a new job in CO and we had a month to pack, put our house on the market, and move our family of 5 across the country there was only one person to call! Kim exceeded every expectation I had and brought her talent and professionalism to to the table. She took the guesswork and overwhelming feeling out of this highly stressful time and I can't imagine trying to do it with her. She is an absolute gift!

    Annie Pratt

  • How do you close a business after 60 years? Call Kim!

    How do you close a business after 60 years? I don't know if it would have been possible without Kim's help. Kim's energy, and willingness to take on what I saw as a completely overwhelming task allowed me to make a successful and profitable transition from being a small business owner to retiree. I cannot recommend her services more highly.

    Bill Roper. Ropers Paint & Wallpaper Dorchester Mass

  • She is the best and just what the doctor ordered.

    I was in desperate need of someone to get my clients home ready for an upcoming open house. Someone in my office suggested I call Kim...aka MadCat, to get the ball rolling. Not only did she go in and declutter and organize my clients home, she was able to stage the house with the homeowners own belongings, and the open house went off without a hitch. Kim not only returned my call immediatly, she re-arranged her scheduled to accommodate our needs. I was so satisfied, she is the best and just what the doctor ordered.

    Marcia Timilty-Coldwell Banker.

  • Kept us calm & less stressed.

    You are the most amazing woman I have ever met--a friend for life for sure--How do you keep us all straight and keep us all calm--this is without a doubt the most stressful move we have ever had and who knows what we would be like without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Marion & Warren Gilbert

  • Efficient, Easy, a God-send!

    MadCat is a godsend! Living in Colorado, I was suddenly faced with helping my hospitalized mother to empty her Massachusetts home and move. Kim knew where to find all the resources and services we needed. When I had to go back to work, I returned to Colorado knowing I could trust her to finish everything, including the final move-out. She is efficient and easy to work with, keeping records of every transaction. She made a trying time a lot easier.

    Marie B., Broomfield, Colorado

  • How Sweet It Is!

    My bakery storage area needed some love, so I called in Madcat for some help.

    Needless to say, I am delighted with the absolutely amazing outcome and can't stop going downstairs to admire our highly organized and perfectly tidy basement storage area! I also very much appreciate your taking the time to understand my business--and me--so that the organization/storage could be done in a way which created an effective and streamlined flow. It's made things so much easier for my staff and myself. Thanks also for recognizing when I was feeling overwhelmed and needed some coaching or when I had reached the end for the day. I don't think I could have tackled the enormity of the project without you!

    Heather - Cake Pops Boston

  • Eight rooms to four; how's that going to work?

    Downsizing sounded like a good idea but we didn't realize how stressful it could be. Both working full time; home on the market; renovating the new home; we didn't know where to begin. Then a friend recommended Kim and help was on the way. Kim handled the whole transaction from pictures and listing on Craigslist, to negotiating and collecting the funds. She got us more money for our "stuff" than we ever expected. She was very instrumental in making the transition process more manageable.

    Elaine & Walter, Milton