About Me

I am a professional organizer who got my start very young in life. Whenever there was a need for something to be picked up, or organized, my mom would always say “Kimberly can you please go into that closet and tidy it up for me, I can’t find a thing”. On Saturdays I loved puttering in my grandmothers attic and helping her sort through her things. When we were done making a pile for each grandchild, she would look at me and say “Kim, you know what we must do now? “Yes Nauni, we need to pick out a few things from each pile and donate it to the people who are less fortunate than us”. “Dear, we really don’t need ALL THIS STUFF, and there are others who are cold and hungry. If you give to others, and live with only the things you need, not want in life, you will be a happy young lady”. WOW, talk about laying the ground work for my future. I loved seeing the faces on the people in the church when we arrived with our bags, and to this day insist that my clients do the same.

I graduated from Northeastern University in 1983 with a degree in Dental Hygiene, and worked CLEANING teeth, for 25 years. I never would have found this “organization” career if it wasn’t for a gift I received. In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to a world renowned team I was 100% cured but could not return to the profession I came to love, due to the complications of the surgeries. It was then that I thought “this is the time to do what I always wanted to do” and MadCat’s was born.

My love for organizing as a teenager, along with years spent caring for people in the health profession, has given me the experience and compassion needed to teach people how to simplify their lives.

Most recently my journey has taken another turn. I am working in the Real Estate market as a concierge "Move Manager" helping both the client and the Real Estate agent.

Life is too short to always be looking for your keys. If you can learn how to live without “all the stuff”, you will have more time for the important things in life; family and friends.

My mission is to teach my clients how to live life simply!!!!!!

Kim Madigan